High-Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning up the windows of industrial buildings and high-rise buildings can be really difficult and dangerous. It requires the services of professionals from high-rise window cleaning business who concentrate on offering this type of help. Aside from the hazards that are required in high-rise window cleaning, the devices can be rather a costly financial investment. So it is highly advisable to work with a reliable high-rise cleaning business in your area.

3 Ways To Clean High-Rise Windows

High Rise Window Cleaning
High Rise Window Cleaning

There are 3 different approaches that are usually brought out in high-rise window cleaning. All of these techniques are extremely risky and hazardous, that is why the majority of the cleaners are covered by insurance coverage by their particular companies.

Reach And Wash With Long Handles – Reach and wash is the most popular long handled approach for high-rise window cleansing used nowadays. However it can only allow up 20 meters using a long hand washing poles. With the use of cleaning water, the window glass and frames are cleaned from the relative safety of the ground. Nevertheless, if there are lampposts and trees in the area, it can be a hindrance and comprehensive cleaning can not be fully achieved. Some structures also have overhangs that present as a blockage and can limit cleansing of some windows in the greatest level of the structure.

Rope Access – Using rope or the abseiling approach has acquired popularity in the window cleaning market through the years. All window-cleaning jobs need to be examined whether the usage of rope is the most proper technique to utilize to get the work done. Safety is still the main concern in any nature of work.

All cleaners are required to have the proper training in rope gain access to given that it is rather a hazardous job to deal with. A company such as IRATA performs training and evaluation for every individual who would wish to remain in this type of work. A fall arrest harness, which is connected to eye-bolts, is usually used in this kind of high-rise window cleansing technique.

Gain Access To A Platform – There are a variety of equipment offered for this kind of method, such as the cherry pickers, the hydraulic platforms, male and boom lifts and hoists. These kinds of lifts allow the operators simple access to even the small areas and crevices of the windows. The truck installed stands can rise to 42 meters and can be completely functional within minutes after showing up to the work-site. Unlike other approaches that make spend some time to establish, this method is preferred by numerous companies given that it is a more effective method of high-rise window cleansing.


When it comes to cleaning high-rise windows it is best to leave it to a professional that specializes in this service. The small business window cleaner usually can only handle 2 to 3 stories. Any higher then that it is left to the bigger companies that have lift trucks and planks with ropes to do over 3 stories all the way up to 50 stories high.